Bespoke Conversion of Agricultural Building into 3 Bedroom Residential

Near Kendal, cumbria · £282k

Role: Bushell Raven acted as Project Manager and Quantity Surveyor on this unique project. In additional to providing full quantity surveying services, Bushell Raven advised and liaised with the client, builder and other professionals to ensure the project progressed well and to ensure the quality of works was in line with the client’s expectation and within budget.

Positive contribution: The Client had specific criteria and vision for the project which Bushell Raven advised on and was able to deliver the project on time and within the agreed budget.

Client testimonial:

"In September 2015, we contacted Bushell Raven to undertake Quality Surveyor (QS) and Contract Manager’s responsibilities as we developed 250sqm of Cumbrian agricultural buildings to a 3 bedroom residential property over a 12 month period. The project was completed to a high quality, on time and within agreed budget inclusive of agreed changes. 

We were delighted by the professionalism of their team.

We were given honest and realistic guidance throughout the project.

Ed Bushell attended weekly meetings, always with detailed Agendas and Minutes recorded after every meeting.

Most importantly he managed the budget and costs excellently keeping us and Nustyle Builders clearly on track. He was always clear about budget levels for each component of the job and its implications.

We would recommend the inclusion of a QS in any project, for us, as well as builders, and Bushell Raven would be top of our list."