Customer Testimonial

We are happy to receive the following message from the Managing Director of Manna House whom we project managed phased refurbishment of their new premises the Stephenson Centre in Kendal :

We are very pleased with the results! A huge thank you to everyone at Bushell Raven who helped so much in keeping the costs on track and for a relatively stress free build!”


Our Accounts Manager secures place in this year's London Marathon

Tanya, our accounts manager, has been lucky enough to have secured a place to run in this years London Marathon.  Tanya only started running 2 years ago with the ‘Couch to 5k’ programme.  With thanks to a very supportive running group, Woman on the Run, she now runs regular 5km and 10km races, has competed in 3 half marathons and last year completed the Chester metric marathon (26.2km).  This however will be her first ever marathon.

 Tanya was approached by Stickler Syndrome UK with a charity place for this year’s event which was an opportunity to for fill a lifelong ambition to compete in the London Marathon.

 Stickler Syndrome is a genetic progressive condition that effects the body’s collagen (connective tissue).  It is a common but little recognised condition, effecting 1 in 7500 new born babies.  The symptoms are variable effecting the eyes, facial features, joints and bones and hearing, and there is currently no cure. 

 The charity aims to raise awareness of this syndrome amongst medical professionals and the general public. It is a small charity who are very reliant on the income from this event. 

Tanya is honoured to be chosen to support them, and Bushell Raven Ltd would like to support Tanya and Stickler Syndrome UK in any way we can.

 Tanya has pledged to raise £1,300 for this wonderful charity.  If you can donate a raffle prize or give a donation to help that would be amazing.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this email and thank you for any help that you can offer.


Remodelling of Single Storey House

Project title: Two extensions and refurbishment of traditional single storey house

Project location: Keswick

Value: £325K

Role: Bushell Raven acted as Quantity Surveyor on this remodelling and extending of client’s existing home.

Positive Contribution: By using Bushell Raven’s services, the final cost of the project was in line with the detailed cost estimate prepared early in the project.

See what our client says about us

"I would definitely recommend using Bushell Raven as both QS or Project Managers. We worked with Jon & Ed for 2 years as we designed, planned and completed extensive refurbishments on our pub – The Hare and Hounds, Levens. They were involved in the planning and execution of this complicated and phased build, which was completed on time and under budget due to their thoroughness and dedication. Jon was readily available to deal with all my concerns (some more legitimate than others!) and would always put my mind at rest and propose and enact solutions quickly and efficiently when needed. Nothing was too much trouble. We would not hesitate in using Bushel Raven again."

Becky Dewar
Hare and Hounds, Levens

Why is it essential to have a building contract in place between client and builder?

Weekly Topic – Cost of project and payment terms

  • The overall cost of the building project will be agreed between client and builder (with the aid of a quantity surveyor) and written into the building contract. This will be accompanied by a full breakdown of the costs and a set of drawings and specification. This ensures all parties understand the cost and scope of works.
  • A standard building contract will set out standard payment terms between client and builder. This ensures all parties understand how each payment will be calculated and when it is due for payment.
  • A quantity surveyor can give specialist advice on building contracts.

Why is it essential to have a building contract in place between client and builder?

Weekly Topic – Quality and design liability

  • A standard building contract specifies the quality of work and specification to ensure all parties understand what is required.
  • If the quality of the work is not in line with the building contract and some work is identified as defective, the contract will dictate the procedure to be followed to rectify the defective works.
  • A contract will specify who is responsible for the design liability of the project (e.g. architect, structural engineer or builder). If there is defective work due to poor design, then it is clear under the contract who is responsible for that design.
  • A quantity surveyor can give specialist advice on building contracts.

Why is it essential to have a building contract in place between client and builder?

Timescales and programme.

  • The building contract will set out the agreed timescales of the project which will include a start and completion date. This ensures the client and builder understand what to expect.

  • If the builder fails to complete the work by the contract completion date, the building contract will dictate the process to be followed.

  • A quantity surveyor can give specialist advice on building contracts and the timescales for the project.

Why is it essential to have a building contract in place between client and builder?

Protection of all parties.

  • A building contract provides protection for both the client and builder. All parties understand what is required at the outset.
  • There are several industry standard building contracts for use on all sizes of projects ranging from large scale commercial projects to small domestic projects such as a single storey extension.
  • The contract will cover many items such as the overall cost of the project, payment terms, timescales, quality of workmanship, design liability, defective work.
  • A quantity surveyor will be able to give advice on the appropriate contract for your project.

Why spend money on employing a quantity surveyor?

Dealing with changes on site.

Changes made during the build may have a cost implication and a quantity surveyor will be able to:

  • Ascertain if any costs quoted by the builder for additional work are fair and reasonable to ensure the client is receiving value for money. If a builder quotes £5K for some additional work, it may be that the fair cost is only £2K and the quantity surveyor will negotiate this cost with the builder.
  • Advise on material changes that may be better value for money without affecting the overall quality of the building (e.g. different types of insulation with the same thermal value).