5 simple reasons why you need a quantity surveyor

Here at Bushell Raven, we’re on a mission to spread the word about how important it is to hire a skilled and experienced quantity surveyor.

We understand that many people are unsure about the role of a QS, which is why we’re here to clear up the myths surrounding quantity surveying, and to get the word out about the benefits.

Let’s look at 5 simple and straightforward reasons why you need a quantity surveyor…

1. A QS will save you stress

Not only does it rhyme, it’s completely true! A quantity surveyor will make the process much easier and stress-free, letting you get on with different aspects of your project.

2. You are more likely to save money

The key point of a quantity surveyor’s role is to help you have an accurate projection of the costs involved in your project, they will look at the best value for money and the most cost effective way of doing things.

3. They will look at the bigger picture

A QS will look at every step of a project from start to finish, this means that everything will be streamlined, kept on budget and within the ideal timing deadlines.

4. They will deliver alternative ideas you might not have thought of…

This is an important reason why a skilled and experienced QS will benefit your project, as they are likely to have years of experience behind them and might’ve worked on similar projects to yours in the past.

5. They are highly organised and great negotiators

This ties into reason number two (saving money). Quantity surveyors are highly numerate and are at ease controlling the entire budget of a project (sometimes totalling into millions of pounds). They are also knowledgeable about building legislation, materials and design, so can add an extra dimension to your project.

So there you have it, five reasons why you need a quantity surveyor. If you have any other questions about the benefits, please do get in touch with us, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.