Employer’s Agents are a valuable part of any construction project.

Some people prefer to manage it themselves, but our expert knowledge ensures that your build is efficient, cost-effective and compliant with all government regulations.

Our surveyors work with you, the design team and contractors, acting as a central contact point to help with the smooth running of the project.

What we do:

  • Prepare initial feasibility cost plan for the scheme.
  • Prepare employers requirements document and other associated tender documentation.
  • Analyse tenders submitted by contractors and advice on selection of contractor.
  • Agree contract sum analysis with contractor.
  • Prepare contract documents.
  • Advise on novation agreements for design team.
  • Undertake Employer’s Agent duties, monitor progress, quality and compliance with Employers Requirements on site up to practical completion.
  • Agree and certify interim monthly payments with the contractor.
  • Provide updated monthly financial statement to the Client.
  • Issue instructions authorised by the Client to the contractor and agree financial effects.
  • Agree final account with contractor (contractor’s claims for loss and expense are excluded).